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Guys, guys, can I just say how much I love you. I’ve been gone for the entire summer and come back with a (in my opinion) kinda crappy draw of Ianite. And I just though to myself today, hey, haven’t even looked at how many notes that thing got (my average note score on my draws is like 1-3), probably none. And then…… 91. Ninety-fricking-one. This is the highest amount of notes I’ve ever gotten on any draw ever. This is like Christmas but in summer. I am in litteral, physical tears right now. Thank you so much, all you lovely kittens, Ana wuvs you <3

Guys, I am finally home from vacation! Gosh I’m so happy to be back home where I can ignore everything and everyone and just play games all day long ;^; the art blog might continue to be on a hiatus until later this month, but I do have a draw planned that I’m definitely gonna start on soon enough. Otherwise follow the selca and/or vacation tags on Firebunny for upcomming pictures and stuffseses (a hint for all you cool kittens that still follow my art blog, the upcoming draw will be Mianite related)

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